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My name is John. I found Jesus one evening walking around my neighborhood after a heavy dinner. During that walk, I realized that I was looking forward to eating again. 

Although I was full I was very empty and couldn't bear the thought of living like that. My response was genuine, but slightly misinformed. I told God that if he wanted my life he could have it, but that if he wanted to kill me he could. That set the foundation. My life is Jesus or nothing. 

When I went to college I  was able to pursue God with everything. All my time and energy was spent seeking God and getting to know his heart. It was during this time that I started to hear God's voice. No I'm not crazy. Unfortunately, my heart was honest and wanted to please God, but believed that I could never be enough for him. I lived in the lie that I was a disappointment. It wasn't until 2 years later that I was set free from that way of thinking through a song. Since then I have experienced a large amount of spiritual growth in knowing the Father's Heart.

John Barzal in the woods

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