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The next two minutes could change your life!


If you're here to learn to hear the voice of God then you're in the right place! There is no charge, and I only ask that if you experience anything that you send me an email telling me about what happened.


Why am I doing this? 


It may not be apparent, but I am actively paying money to Facebook for an ad that is not going to immediately benefit me in any way. I am doing this because I have a passion. I think that people crave a connection with the divine, with God, but have been put off by religion. God has always wanted a relationship with people, and Jesus opened up a way that this could happen, but we have not received the message. We have not received the message that God has moved close to us so we ought to move close to him. 


If we are to have a relationship with God we have to be able to communicate, so I am going to do my best to help you hear his voice.


What does God's voice sound like?


The voice of  God can "sound" like many things, but the first thing that I want to say is that it doesn't necessarily sound like a natural voice that you "hear"


The voice of God will often sound like thoughts and pictures (I'll explain) in your own mind. I want to clarify, you are not God, but your mind is inherently spiritual and can hear things from God and from demons. 


In my mind, I often hear God in the form of thoughts. If I ask God a question and immediately afterward I have a thought that is distinct and probably not something that I would think then it may be Jesus.  


I started hearing God's voice when I was a freshman in college. While everybody else was out partying I was falling in love with Jesus, but things started to get a little weird. 


There was one evening that I was eating in the food court with some of my friends as I heard something in my head. "John, get up!". So I got up and knew that I needed to leave. It wasn't urgent or frantic, just very matter-of-fact. I left my friends and assumed that I was going back to my dorm room. As I had that thought, I heard again: "Nope! You're going for a walk.". I eventually came to a place on my college's campus where there was a person that was upset, whom I got to talk to.


To make a potentially long story very short, the same thing happened two more times over the next 3 days. The first time I was sleeping and my Resident Assistant woke me up to invite me to play badminton. I declined and wanted to go back to sleep but I heard something in my mind that told me to go on another walk where I met the same person.


The last time it happened I was flabbergasted and told the person that God wouldn't leave me alone because he wanted a relationship with the person. The individual was receptive and after that day his life began changing. 


I tell you that story to show you how hearing God's voice can work. I was not thinking about going on a walk, but without reason, the conviction that I had to was there. 


The second way is through pictures. If I tell you to close your eyes and picture a dog then you could describe a dog that your imagination created. This is exactly the way that God can work. He can put a picture in your imagination (remember your mind is spiritual) that he is trying to communicate through. 

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