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3 Things To Do When You're Not Hungry For God

There are many seasons that I have seen Christians go through. Sometimes they are full of life, and other times they feel like a wasteland. Regardless of what season you are in right now, there is one thing that you can always manage: your hunger for God.

Up until now, you may have just assumed that your hunger for God was random. That it came and went like any other emotion that you have throughout your day. I want to tell you that just because you haven't figured out how to manage something, doesn't mean it can't be done. It means that you need to be taught. Thankfully there are things that you can be doing to ensure that you stay hungry for God no matter where you are.

1. Stay in his presence.

I have always seen this as something that is a little abstract, so I want to make it very practical. Staying in God's presence means spending intentional time with God and then including him in every part of your life. Everybody has their own idea of what spending time with God should be. I think it is important that you avoid putting your time with him in a box.

What do I mean? If you are not someone who connects with him well by sitting and praying, then try taking a walk and praying. If you are used to praying out loud, then try writing your prayers down in a journal. If you always read your Bible, try listening to an audio bible. There are many things that you can do to spend time with Jesus.

I do find one thing to be necessary: you must create space. Living a life that is so full that you are unable or unwilling to sit and do nothing for at least an hour is unhealthy. You were not made to have constant engagement with phones, work, tv, and even other people. Creating a space in your day where you sit and interact with nothing gives God an open door to you and your heart.

I find that I connect best with God when I don't think about trying to do anything. I find that simply setting aside an hour where I don't try to read the Bible or pray, but I just talk to God like I'm having a conversation is where most of my encounters take place.

2. Listen to Testimonies.

This is simple but profound. There are other people who have relationships with God that are vast and deep. Sometimes just hearing about someone else's relationship with God and how they interact with him is enough to inspire me. Dan Mohler and Todd White are two people who I consistently listen to. Their testimonies about how they interact with God and others always makes me want that for myself. I often find that I am not able to listen to a whole sermon that they preach. More often than not, only 15 minutes in I get an overwhelming sense that I need to go spend time with God myself. This is exactly what I need in a sermon. I don't need something that teaches me a deep truth; I need something that pushes me to spend time with a man who called himself The Truth.

3. Get around other people who are hungry.

A community is important for a number of reasons, but one of them is that we stir one another up to love and do good works. This means that when I see you and what you are doing for God and the time you are spending with God, I want to do the same. Sometimes we need other people to invite us into their relationship with God so we can see what's possible. Maybe you know someone that is wholeheartedly pursuing God. Ask to spend time with that person. Learn what they do. Let their story inspire you in yours. God created his body to build on another up just like a physical body supports


I challenge you!

Hunger is always a sign of health. If a child no longer wants to eat, then there is clearly cause for concern. The same is the case when a Christian is no longer hungry for the bread of life. A Christian's food is Jesus, so maintaining a hunger for him is one of the most vital things that a child of God must do. Unlike natural eating, you grow more hungry for Jesus as you eat of his goodness. He invites everyone to come and taste and see that he is good. I challenge you to spend time experiencing God and growing your hunger for him.

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