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My name is John and I am starting this blog as something of a creative outlet that I believe could help people. I am in a time in life where everyone around me seems to be pursuing something creative and I have been stuck with, well... things that aren't. Both my two younger brothers are musical people, but me, not so much. I believe that this is an outlet that would both be able to help people, and to scratch an itch that I've had to create something worth while.

I will probably say it elsewhere, but I don't have any impressive credentials that would validate the things that I am going to say. All I can say is that I have spent time with God. Throughout history the ones who actually changed the course of the world were not necessarily always the ones that had the credentials, the education or the cutting edge background. It was often the ones that were passionately in love with Jesus and had spent significant time with him. I am not knocking formal education or seminary or anything else. All I am saying is that God forms people who will do great things, not a classroom.

I'll get off my soap box.

So, what is The Father's Heart? The Father's Heart is a Christian blog that strives to connect people to the heart of God. It's been my experience that a lot of Christians have a pretty good idea of how Jesus feels about them. They know his heart because he walked around on this earth and had conversations with normal people. When it comes to the Father, many people either can't relate or see him as a scary authoritative God because of things they have been told or passages of scripture where God destroys whole cities. It's my passion for people to experience the Father's heart in their everyday life and to live a life on fire for God.

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